Aurus PhoneUP Business Cases

You have already deployed Cisco Unified Communications solutions so now it's time to make them work to their fullest capacity. PhoneUP will assist you in this by enhancing standard CUCM functionality with new features and options. Please find out about typical scenarios for PhoneUP usage by various divisions of your enterprise.

For all employees

  • "Directory" and PhoneUP Agent - Caller ID, quick contact search, click-to-call and more;
  • "Conference" - scheduling audio conferences and protecting them with PIN or Caller ID;
  • "Inform" - quick access to the frequently used information (images from parking lot video camera, weather report, currency rates etc.);
  • "EM SSO" - Extension Mobility automatic authorization.

For Contact Center

  • "Record" - recording client interactions;
  • "Operator" - incoming call routing among company employees;
  • "PhoneUP Agent" - CTI integration with CRM software;
  • "Inform" - contact center indicators on displays of supervisors IP phones.

For Security Dept

  • "Record" - recording employee calls;
  • "Paging":
    • Employee emergency notifications;
    • Automatic notifications to the Security Department regarding emergencies occurring in the security system;
    • Alarm Button for employees. When it is used, the Security Department is notified.
  • "Lock" - locking IP phones to protect them from unauthorized access;
  • "Priority" - monitoring phone lines and calls;
  • "Inform" - showing video camera footage on screens of IP phones;
  • Audio noise monitoring on the premises during off hours via external mics on IP phones. Notifying the Security Department whenever the noise level is over a specified level (due to voices, sound of breaking glass etc.).

For Reception and Attendants

  • "Console" - visual method of phone communication management and supervisor's line monitoring;
  • "Operator" - for automatic and manual call routing among employees;
  • "Directory" - detailed information about calling contact on screen of the IP phone (for example, for hotel receptionists).

For top managers and their assistants

  • "Console" - visual method of phone communication management and supervisor's line monitoring;
  • "Paging" - notifying employee groups about upcoming meetings, audio/video conferences and other events;
  • "Priority":
    • "Forced Call" option helps a supervisor get through to his subordinates even when the subordinates are busy speaking on a phone;
    • Organizing secured Meet-Me conferences for discussions with top management only.
  • "Conference" - organizing secured Meet-Me conferences for top managers only;
  • "Inform" - key indicators for enterprise efficiency are always displayed on IP phones screens.

For IT Department

  • "Paging":
    • Group notifications to employees about upcoming suspension of IT services;
    • Automatic notification of IT department employees about alarms in the IT services monitoring system;
  • "Record" - recording calls to helpdesk.

For Manufacturing

  • "Paging":
    • Automatic notifications about technical failures (to engineer, to production manager, to head of technical department and etc.);
    • Public address system for employee search and group notifications.
  • "Inform" - quick access to directory inquiries:
    • Video camera images from the manufacturing plant;
    • Key performance indicators on IP phone screen;
  • Work time loggin – logging start and end time of work on the IP phone;
  • “Semi-automation” using IP phone interface instead of PC – for example, a workplace where orders are issued, an order number has to be entered, its condition and contents compared, its delivery confirmed and all necessary documents printed on a printer.

For Commercial Dept

  • "Directory" - detailed information about calling client (order status, city, payment account and etc.);
  • "Priority" - contains the following functions: Monitoring, Whisper and Intrusion, for control and training of sales managers;
  • "Inform" - reference information on IP phone screen (for example, currency rates for bank cashiers).