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  • See who's calling
  • Find the right number in seconds
  • Anywhere*

* available for:
Cisco IP phones, Cisco Jabber, PC, Web

Customizable Caller ID

Have your IP phone show the detailed info about your callers, for example:
  • employee photo, name and dept
  • client name, city and contract ID
  • partner name, tier and status
The Caller ID popup is also available in Cisco Jabber:
Tip: PhoneUP Agent enables the Caller ID popup on your PC

Search global, find quickly

The Directory app integrates with several enterprise data sources and syncs contacts on schedule, thus providing you with a single interface to find any contact.

Tip: consider PhoneUP Agent for those who
don't use Cisco Jabber to provide them with
fast search tool and Caller ID on PC

And even more...

Caller ID for Cisco 3905 and 3rd party SIP phones
Use the «Universal Caller ID» extension
to display Caller ID popup on Cisco 3905
and 3rd-party SIP phones.

Advanced list of missed calls
The list of missed calls on your IP phone
shows Caller ID for both internal and
external contacts. You may also receive
email notification about the missed calls.

DTMF support and normalization engine
No matter how you store phone numbers in your
enterprise databases. When imported to Directory
they will be normalized to allow you to call
«primary phone + DTMF» in a single click.

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