Get the Free UI for Cisco MediaSense - PhoneUP Record

The "Record" module of the PhoneUP bundle provides the advanced user interface for Cisco MediaSense.

Fast search and record play back

Replace your Cisco MediaSense for only $1499

As Cisco announced the end-of-life for Cisco MediaSense we launched a special campaign to replace MediaSense with the PhoneUP call and screen recording app.

  • search by date, time, phone number, employee's name and even client name;
  • indication of a call direction (incoming/outgoing);
  • sorting and filtering records by date, line number, employee, and type of a call (incoming/outgoing);
  • logical grouping of records in case of complex call (on-hold, transfer, conference etc);
  • auto notification via email regarding a new call recording;
  • embedded HTML5/Flash player supported by all browsers and not requiring installation of additional software;
  • XML-application for Cisco IP phones to search and playback audio-records (in the next version);
  • option to playback the record into the current phone call for all call participants to hear the record (in the next version).

Recorded CUCM Calls

Screen recording

  • The screen recording feature captures the agent's screen from the beginning of the call until the end of the wrap-up time. The screen recording feature is not a part of the PhoneUP free offer and is licensed by the number of concurrent recordings.

Audio noficiation about recording

  • the audio notification about call being recorded is played to both parties at the beginning of a conversation.

Enhanced security

Call Recording for Cisco UCM

Consider PhoneUP Record as a complete call recording solution for Cisco Unified Communications Manager that supports Built-In Bridge, SPAN and Cisco MediaSense recording and integrates with Cisco UCCX.

  • auto authorization for domain users (imported from Active Directory);
  • flexible management of access rights to call records based on user groups.

Flexible recording rules

  • auto recording of all calls;
  • auto recording according to the direction of a call (intranet, city, long distance, etc.);
  • auto recording according to phone numbers mask;
  • recording on demand - the "Record" button on the IP phone display (in the next version);
  • limiting recording based on the employee hierarchy (subordinates can not record top manager calls).

Records archive

  • centralized management of records made by several MediaSense instances;
  • record lifespan support (in the next version).