Single Sign-On for CUCM Extension Mobility - PhoneUP SSO

"Extension Mobility SSO" enables employees to get authorized on an IP phone with Extension Mobility automatically without entering their personal User ID or PIN.

Extension Mobility Automatic Authentication

Mobile employees, working in different locations, use Extension Mobility to get authenticated on the IP phone where they are currently working at the moment and to set their personal profile there (phone line number, settings and etc.). For authentication, the employee has to enter his User ID and PIN, which he should always remember.

A more convenient way is to use automatic authentication. When employee logs in to PC his Extension Mobility profile is loaded automatically to the IP phone of this work place.

When employee leaves this location, the current configuration of a device is replaced by the logout profile.

Mapping Phones to Workstations

Admin can either manually map Cisco UCM devices to workstations or import the mapping table from CSV file.

Extension Mobility Report

The real-time report is available to admin containing the list of IP phones and Extension Mobility profiles currently loaded.