How to Use Video Chat in the Contact Center

An agent sees what is going on the client's PC
and shows him what buttons to click and what fields to fill out.

The most efficient way to use video call and web-collaborative features in:

  • product sales - a visual presentation is more persuasive and convincing;
  • solving complicated issues - visual demonstrations make consultations more understandable and shorter.

Some areas of RichCall application are listed below.

Assistance in working on a web site

  • "I can't find info on this site about…";
  • "Where can I download the document?"
  • "I can't submit the order…"

Consultants can "guide" a client through a web site, showing him with "Pointer" what links, fields and button he should use.

Technical support

Technical support managers will be able to see what is happening on a client's PC and visually advise the client regarding questions about working with:

  • internet bank;
  • trading system;
  • any online and desktop software.

Co-working on a document

A client and consultant can jointly do the following:

  • fill out complex documents and forms;
  • check and correct documents that have been filled out – agreements, tax bills, and etc.;
  • exchange documents.

Video sales

When selling products or services, an agent can:

  • visually demonstrate a product to a customer via a web camera;
  • send photos (products, schemes, diagrams etc) to a client;
  • show a map with the way to the nearest point of sales.