Click-to-Call and Click-to-Video for Websites and Videokiosks

Video chat - client's UI

RichCall can be configured in several ways depending on the business need.

Click-to-Call and Click-to-Video

A visitor is offered a choice of subjects for the call and the call is routed to the appropriate skill group. On some webpages the subject list can be hidden and the skill-group can be defined by the webpage section the call is started from.

In any case the voice call is sent to the agent's desktop phone and the online session (dual video and web-collaboration tools) starts automatically after the voice call is established.

Callback and Video-Callback

The client can also initiate a callback/video-callback by entering his mobile phone number. In this case the system automatically starts the callback to the client's phone, and after the client answers an online session with an agent is established.

Starting the Web-Collaboration Session by Code

If the client is already talking with an agent by phone, the agent can tell him the 5-digits code to start the web-collaboration session – "Please open our website, enter the code '12345' and I will SHOW you how to…".

Calling the Agent from the Text Chat

When the client is in a text-chat session he can call the agent he is chatting with. To do that, the agent just sends him the URL and RichCall connects the client directly with the agent.

Video Kiosks and Video Booths

Video Kiosks and Video Booths

The RichCall client interface can be integrated with peripheral devices (printer, scanner, pinpad etc.) which are controlled by an agent. This approach allows using RichCall software in video kiosks.