Aurus RichCall System Requirements

RichCall - video chat and live support for contact centers RichCall supports the integration with any IP-PBX (Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk and etc.) and any contact center software (Cisco UCCX/UCCE, Avaya Call Center, Genesys and etc.).

Adding the "Video Call" widget to a website, is as simple as inserting several lines of HTML code into a webpage.

RichCall uses skill-groups, routing rules and reporting apps already configured and used in contact center.

An agent's web interface can work independently, or it can be embedded into the "agent desktop" application with "Single Sign-On" support.

Client Options

  • IVR menu visualization and IVR bypassing feature

    A client selects a consultation subject and the call is placed in the queue to the proper skill-group bypassing the IVR menu.

  • Video call from webpage

    A client contacts an agent using the video camera and the headset. A web-collaboration session starts automatically when an agent picks up the phone to answer the client.

  • Video callback

    A client provides his phone number, the system initiates a call to the proper skill-group bypassing the IVR menu. Once the agent answers the call, a contact center makes a callback to the client phone. When the client answers, the online session starts.

  • Adding the video chat to any phone-initiated call

    When talking to the client, the agent provides him the session code. Once the client entered it on the website, RichCall starts the online session.

Web Collaboration Features

  • Dual video

    At the beginning of the video chat the client's video is turned off.

  • Text chat

    The text chat supports files, images and documents.

  • Snap shots with annotation

    An agent cuts an area of the screen, makes pen/marker annotations to identify items of interest and sends the image.

  • Application sharing with "Pointer" feature

    A client shares an application launched on his PC. The agent uses a "Pointer" to show the client what buttons and links should be clicked.

Integration with Contact Center Software

Technologies and protocols

System Requirements

RichCall Server:

  • Supported Operation Systems: Windows Server 2008 R2/ 2012/ 2012 R2,
  • physical or virtual server (physical server is highly recommended for the production deployment),
  • CPU Intel Xeon 2.40+ (in virtual environment multicore vCPU is highly recommended), RAM 4GB+.

Client and agent interfaces - any Internet browser with Adobe Flash (version 11 and higher) or WebRTC support.