The end-of-life for Cisco TMS in 2018?

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The end-of-life for Cisco TMS in 2018?

Guys, I bet we'll hear the end-of-sale and end-of-life announcement for Cisco TelePresence Management Suite till the end of 2018. Here's the thing…

  • CMS (former Acano) has nothing to do with TMS.

    When Cisco acquired Tandberg back in 2010 TMS (former Tandberg Management Suite) and hardware Cisco MCU (former Tandberg MCU) were inseparable components of a single unified offer.

    In 2014 Cisco introduced the virtual offer "Telepresence Servers + Conductor" which was replaced by CMS offer after the acquisition of Acano. So Cisco Meeting Server is a completely different platform that has nothing to do with the obsolete TMS.

  • Video endpoints don't need TMS.

    Again, Tandberg video-conferencing worked on its own having video endpoints registered to TMS. But later the registration and provisioning functions were transferred to Cisco UCM.

  • TMS conference control center doesn't support CMS.

    And it's not going to change. Instead, Cisco is developing a new software to control meetings.

So, seems like the only important TMS feature left is the meeting scheduler, but….

  • Meeting schedulers are dying.

    For years we used special applications to schedule upcoming conferences and reserve the necessary volume of ports on the conference bridge. But the world is moving to the new paradigm of "personal meeting rooms" – personal, persistent and secure. Cisco supports this model for both audio meetings (the CUCM "Conference Now" feature) and video conferences (CMS). The Cisco Meeting Server licensing is not even based on "ports".

So, IMHO, TMS doesn't have much time left. Cisco will continue offering video-endpoints (both software and hardware) with the registration to CUCM, Cisco Meeting Server acting as conference bridge and XYZ application they're developing to kill the Cisco Meeting App.

Those who need more (like meeting scheduling app, integration to some enterprise software etc) are welcome to use the CMS API which is great thanks to Acano legacy.