XML-Service Designer for Cisco IP Phones - PhoneUP Inform

The "Inform" module in the PhoneUP application bundle is a tool for building simple XML-services for Cisco IP phones that grant employees quick access to frequently used information.

With minimum programming experience your engineers will be able to create IP phone applications according to your business requirements. For example:

  • Video Monitoring – to see video camera footage;
  • Official currency rates – for bank tellers;
  • Weather reports and timetables – for all employees;
  • Enterprise key performance indicators from the ERP system (sales volumes, number of clients served and etc.) – for top managers;
  • Contact Center statistics – for supervisors.

The main advantage to this approach is that the IP phone is always on and handy. It is enough just to push one button to get the required information.

  • KPI on the Cisco IP phone display
  • Cisco IP phone showing the weather report
  • Image from the IP camera on the Cisco IP phone