Cisco IP Phone Lock for Cisco UCM - PhoneUP Lock

"Lock" restricts the access to IP Phone functions while its owner is away.

Protecting IP Phone from Unauthorized Use

Locked IP Phone
Locked Cisco IP phone

When an employee leaves his workplace his IP phone gets locked and:

  • the range of directions where a call can be made becomes limited (for example, only calls to internal phone numbers and emergency service numbers are allowed);
  • access to services (personal phone directory, information services, history of incoming calls, call recording archives etc.) is denied;
  • incoming calls automatically get transferred to the employee's mobile phone.

IP Phone Interface

The XML-service on Cisco IP phone allows user to lock the device with just one button and unlock it providing personal PIN code.

Master Code for Admin

Administrator uses master code to unlock any IP phone.

Automatic Lock/Unlock

IP phone may be locked/unlocked automatically when user logs in/out his PC (requires PhoneUP Agent to be installed).