RichCall - video chat and live support for contact centers

Video Call and Video Chat with Web-Collaboration
for Your Contact Center

Add the video chat channel to your contact center with Aurus RichCall:

  • dual video – see who you're talking to, by default client's video is turned off;
  • text chat – send text, photos and documents;
  • co-browsing – help clients navigate your website and work with your online tools without any additional downloads;
  • application sharing – share web-browser, documents and desktop applications;
  • the "pointer" feature – see the application shared by the other party and guide him with the pointer what buttons and links should be clicked;
  • snap shot with annotation – take a snapshot and make pen/marker annotations to identify items of interest and send it to the other party.
  • Video session - client's interface
  • Video session - client's interface
  • Video session - client's interface

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Video is the optional feature – you can disable it and still benefit from other RichCall features.

Audio/Video-Call to Contact Center – On Any Stage of the Client Servicing

Video call widget

The client can initiate the RichCall session with an agent on any stage of servicing process. Video and web-collaboration tools are available anyway.

The client is surfing your website and needs live assistance?

  • audio/video call from the website will connect him to the required skill-group bypassing the IVR,
  • automatic callback (audio or video) will save his time otherwise spent waiting in the queue.

The client is already talking to an agent, but the agent fails to resolve the issue by phone?

  • the clients enters 5-digits code provided by the agent and initiates the web-collaboration session - text chat,
  • application sharing, annotation and other features will help the agent to resolve the issue.

The client is in the text chat with an agent and wants to talk live?

  • whatever chat engine is used in your contact center, the agent can send the URL that initiates audio- or video-call to this agent directly.

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WebRTC and Mobile Browser Support

RichCall doesn't require any plugin or software to be installed on client's side. Most of desktop and mobile browsers are supported – RichCall automatically defines which technology to use – Adobe Flash or WebRTC.

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Integration with Contact Center and Bypassing the IVR

RichCall can be integrated with any IP PBX and supports any contact center software.

The client doesn't need to go through the IVR menu – RichCall puts his call in the right queue depending on the subject chosen or the webpage from which the call was made. And you don't need to make any changes in your routing rules.

All RichCall sessions are secured and logged on the server. The supervisor will be able to easily find the required session and see what text and files was sent and which apps was shared.

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