Monitor, Whisper and Barge for CUCM calls - PhoneUP Priority

Priority UI on IP phone

"Monitor", "Whisper", and "Barge"

Priority offers privileged employees special communication functions.

"Monitor", "Whisper", and "Barge" features are useful, for example, in the commercial department:

  • The Head of the sales department can connect to a manager’s phone to monitor his current phone call;
  • Using "Whisper", he is able to help his subordinate by providing necessary information without interrupting the subordinate's discussion with a client;
  • In complicated situations, he can join the call in order to resolve issues that arise.
In these ways the functions help train managers in customer assistance and quality assurance.

During call monitoring, it is enough for a supervisor to click "Record" and record the call he is monitoring.

"Forced Connection"

"Forced Connection" enables top managers to get in touch with an employee even when the employee's line is busy. When that happens, the current call of the subordinate is put on hold. This function enables a supervisor to always be able to get in touch with any employee in his company.

"Premises Monitoring"

Cisco IP phones can be used to monitor office premises. Using the “Monitor” feature you can turn on the speakerphone of a remote IP phone and listen to what happens there. You are also able to record the sound if needed.