Cisco MediaSense replacement from a Cisco Solution Partner - for only $1499

As Cisco announced the end-of-sale and end-of-life for the Cisco MediaSense you might be thinking about the replacement strategy for your Cisco MediaSense recorders. You've come to the right place!


Having really vast experience in developing call recording solutions for Cisco UCM we're launching the unprecedented campaign to replace your Cisco MediaSense recorders with PhoneUP call recording in a cost-effective and smooth manner.

The campaign involves two modules of Aurus PhoneUP bundle:

Cisco MediaSense Replacement


1. Contact us to get a demo license.

2. Deploy PhoneUP as shown at the picture:
a) record several extra IP phones with PhoneUP recorder,
b) configure the unified user interface to manage recordings made by MediaSense and PhoneUP.

3. Ensure the product suits you, purchase the 1-year tech support and get a new license which allows to record 50 IP phones with PhoneUP recorders.

4. Use both Aurus PhoneUP and Cisco MediaSense with the unified user interface until you decide to migrate to PhoneUP completely.