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HCSB Video Banking

HCSB virtual branches powered by RichCall allow new clients to open accounts and subscribe to the Bank services remotely.

The major distinctive feature of the project is the integration with a federal biometry system to identify a citizen of Kazakhstan prior to opening an account.

After the successful PoC project with 4 agents the Bank established a full-featured digital branch with 109 employees. 80% of them work at home which allows to decrease the operational costs even further.

Just in 9 months the digital branch reached the following figures:
  • more than 100K video calls
  • 50K new deposit deals
  • 31K financial transactions


1. Live video call with video identification

Once the new client applied to open an account and provided all the necessary docs the bank manager sends him a unique URL for a video call needed to complete the procedure. The client clicks the link and makes a video call to his manager. The manager identifies the client using the integration with biometry system. Once the security check is over the manager opens a new account and works with the client just as if they were in a regular bank office.

2. Pre-sales engagements

The RichCall widget is embedded into every page of the website allowing visitors to connect with an expert in one click. During the interactive video-enabled session an expert shows the client docs and graphs helping him to choose the right product.

3. Visual customer support

Just as a website visitor, a client can connect with the support team from his online banking app. The support engineer may request a co-browsing session with the client to see the issue and guide him towards its resolution.


Of course it affects sales and customer loyalty. First, a client doesn’t need to look for the contact details, dial the number and interact with IVR. Second, the co-browsing feature allows us to show how to work with Internet banking software and reduce the time to resolve.