Featured clients

Toyo Tire Canada

" I want to take the time to let you know I am pleased with your solution as well as your customer service. For a free solution, you do provide great service and a great product. Shall I need to record more phones, I will definitely buy licenses from you. Congratulation for your amazing work and thank you. "

Stephane Plante,
Telecom Specialist & Software Developer
Toyo Tire Canada Inc. | Nitto Tire Canada Inc.

King Abdul Aziz Foundation, Murabah, Riyadh

"Yes we are using the call record for some users. The product is up to the mark and end user is happy and satisfied with the features it has. Technically the installation and documentation for the product is very good."

Rasheed Ahmed,
Voice Engineer of King Abdul Aziz Foundation, Murabah, Riyadh


Thanks to a local partner SoftBCom Berlin GmbH, a German professional contact center 11880 Solutions AG has successfully deployed RichCall, a remote video support solution. The new tool allows 11880’s engineers to use live video when supporting the software used by remote agents. With RichCall an engineer sees the problem with his own eyes and solves it faster. More about the project.

Gazprom Burenie

"It is widely known among specialists in IP communications that Cisco IP phones can display an external data. Although nobody uses this possibility as there are only few applications implementing this and we did not see any reliable development team of XML services in Russia in the recent past. In this sense, discovering Aurus was a pleasant surprise for us. After we have examined and tested their solutions directly in our infrastructure, we decided to implement them in our business processes."

Alexander Belkin,
Director of Department of Automation, MIS and Communications of «Gazprom Burenie»

Sberbank of Russia

"We are satisfied with both the records quality and the PhoneUP efficiency. It gives a handy way to access the PhoneUP functions right from an IP phone: to activate call recording, to find the required call record in the record archive and to play it back. Also, it's easy to install, to setup and to upgrade this solution."

Vladimir Fadeev,
Deputy Director of Technology and Telecommunications Department of the Vologda affiliated branch of "Sberbank Russia"


"Possibilities of the Aurus solution exceed our initial requirements. At present we plan to expand the field of its application. Aurus provided us with the detailed information about their software, with training videos, and with timely consultation from the developers. The PhoneUP usage doesn't require the involvement of technical specialists.”

Aleksander Bahantsov,
Director of IT Infrastructure Department

Skolkovo Foundation

"The PhoneUP functionality covers almost all everyday demands of our employees. The 'quick contact search' option makes phone communications much more handy. Besides, I'd like to mention the possibility to set auto contact importing from the internal communications network into phone directories, that provides timely info update."

Mikhail Berman,
Director of IT Department of Skolkovo Foundation


"Quite often employees of the Parallels Russian branch participate in teleconferences with English speaking colleagues, and not always the clear understanding of what is being said comes to them during their discussions. So it is very important to record such conferences for future analysis. Besides, business consultants plan to use the PhoneUP 'Record' module while conducting phone polling of our employees. Call recording will ensure that no important moments in such conversations will be left unnoticed. In any case, the main goal of PhoneUP is to increase mutual understanding between people.."

Anatoliy Orekhovskiy,
IT director of Russian branch of international virtualization technology company "Parallels"

Sakhalin Energy

"The PhoneUP 'Directory' module not only simplified phone communications between our employees but started saving time of our network engineers by automating the task of phone directory maintenance as well."

Anton Dubrov,
Network Service Engineer


"The PhoneUP 'Record' module helps us to monitor the quality of our Contact Center performance, that affects directly the level of service that our company offers to its clients in Russian Federation. Due to PhoneUP we are able to react on time to any client request – whether it is from a trading company, an end client or a service center - any client request is monitored from the beginning to the end and it is not left unnoticed by us..."

Igor Beketov
Head of Contact Center