Aurus RichCall - Live Video Expert Software for Cisco UCCX/UCCE

Live Video Expert Software for Cisco UCCX/UCCE

RichCall empowers your Cisco UCCX/UCCE with a one-touch live video support option.

Integrated into your website, mobile app, kiosk or digital signage device, RichCall allows customers to establish an HD video session with an agent featuring live-streaming, co-browsing and other web-collaboration tools.

Live assistance on a website

Meet your clients online, guide them through your products and support them with co-browsing and app sharing.

"Live help" button can be easily embedded into your website with no specific technical knowledge required. Just one click and a website visitor is connected with your sales rep who can:

  • show product photos;
  • send documents and guides;
  • use co-browsing to navigate the client through the ordering process.
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Virtual showroom

Share mobile camera with online shoppers to show the product live.

Transfer videochat between devices on the fly

Watch how to sell better with RichCall:

The sales rep receives a call on his desktop and shares product images with the client.

When its time to show the product live he or she transfers a call to a mobile device and uses the mobile rear camera.

Remote visual support

See what your customer sees and guide remotely.

To show the issue details, the client connects with a customer service rep and shares his or her mobile camera. The expert can see the problem and guide the customer towards a resolution by putting visual marks on the received image.

Video support for field service

When facing technically complex issue, a field engineer makes a video call to a remote expert and shows the equipment using mobile camera. The expert highlights the equipment details to show the engineer the cause of the problem and helps to resolve it.

Video Kiosk

Equip your self-service kiosks with a "Live Help" button which connects kiosk users with a remote expert.
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Use cases

Wayfinding kiosks can be equipped with a live assistance option.

Retail expert stations deployed in physical stores connect shoppers with remote expert who helps to choose the product and configure it.

Virtual reception kiosk powered by RichCall allows your guests to be instantly connected with your receptionist, who could be anywhere supporting multiple locations.

Identity verification

A quick and convenient method of verifying your customer’s identity online via secure video session. Supports integration with third-party biometry software.


Perfect for Cisco

Developed by a registered Cisco solution partner, RichCall is available on the Cisco Marketplace.

Cisco Solution Partner Cisco Marketplace

RichCall seamlessly integrates into your Cisco-powered contact center:

  • a gadget for Cisco Finesse provides agents with a single desktop experience;
  • SIP-trunk with Cisco UCM delivers audio to the endpoint an agent typically uses;
  • integration with UCCX/UCCE queues, routing rules and skill groups allows your agents to work in blended mode;
  • unified reporting - all RichCall sessions will be reflected into CC reports you normally use.