Customer collaboration platform

RichCall provides your customers with a one-touch live support option. Integrated into your website, mobile app or video kiosk, RichCall allows customers to establish a fully interactive, video-enabled session with an agent featuring co-browsing, app sharing and other web-collaboration tools.

Use case 1: Visual customer support with web-collaboration

Add click-to-call to your website and enrich voice calls with co-browsing, app sharing and chat.

Turn your customer phone calls into collaborative sessions on the fly.

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Use case 2: Online video sales and virtual showrooms

Pitch your products online like you're in the same room with your customer.

Showcase your products via live HD video. Send images and docs.

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Use case 3: Remote video support with mobile camera sharing

Let remote expert see the issue through the shared mobile camera:

  • register insurance claims remotely,
  • troubleshoot the malfunctioning devices,
  • support field service technicians remotely.

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Use case 4: Video communications for in-store kiosks

Add video and live support to your in-store and self-service kiosks.

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Integration with Cisco UCCX / UCCE

RichCall seamlessly integrates with Cisco UCM and Cisco UCCX/UCCE. As Cisco Remote Expert Mobile reached its end of sales RichCall is a great replacement option.

  • visual IVR puts the call directly into the right queue;
  • integration with Cisco Finesse, including SSO;
  • no changes in contact center routing rules, skill groups and queues;
  • Historical Reporting Client and Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) reporting support;
  • voice is recorded by your call recording app.

Integration with Cisco

RichCall and Cisco REM comparison