Live Video Expert for Cisco UCCX/UCCE

RichCall helps you to sell and support remotely providing your customers with a one-touch live support option.

Integrated into your website, mobile app, kiosk or digital signage device, RichCall allows customers to establish an HD video session with an agent featuring co-browsing, screen sharing and other web-collaboration tools.

Video Sales

Video chat on a website Live stream shopping

A "Live Expert" button on your website allows an online shopper to connect with your sales rep who shares product images and docs to sell better.

To show a product live an expert transfers a current videocall to his mobile and shares the back camera with the client.

Video Support

Live visual support for customers Video support for field service

To show the issue details a client connects with a customer service rep and shares his mobile camera.

When facing technically complex issue a field engineer makes a video call to a remote expert and shows the equipment.

Video Kiosk

In-store video kiosks Live video expert for self-service kiosks

HD video calling delivers an in-person experience while scanner and printer allow parties to exchange docs.

Embed videocall into your existing self-service kiosks to offer its users a live video assistance option.

Perfect for Cisco

Developed by a registered Cisco solution partner, RichCall is available on the Cisco Marketplace.

Cisco Solution Partner Cisco Marketplace

RichCall seamlessly integrates with Cisco UCM and Cisco UCCX/UCCE:

  • a gadget for Cisco Finesse to provide agents with a single desktop experience;
  • integration with UCCX/UCCE queues, routing rules and skill groups to simplify administration;
  • Historical Reports and CUIC support to include video calls into the general contact center statistics.