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Live video option for a contact center

▪ Live videochat for a website
▪ Online video showroom
▪ Visual support
▪ Video kiosk
In the era of digital communications, RichCall helps you to integrate high-end collaboration technologies into your customer service. It allows clients to collaborate with your business remotely with live HD video, application and document sharing, co-browsing and other tools.
Top business cases for live video in a contact center
Based on our experience, it is worth highlighting 4 cases.
Live help on a website

To offer a live video chat option to your clients you embed a "Video Call" button into your website. When a website visitor needs any assistance he/she pushes a button and connects to your contact center with a secure HD video call. No downloads required. To assist the client better and faster a customer rep uses a set of web-collaboration features:

  • text chat to share images and docs;
  • co-browsing to guide the client through a website;
  • screen sharing to co-work on the docs and apps;

The whole interaction is encrypted and is recorded on the company server.

Average CSAT score

Increase in average
transaction value

Average first
call resolution

Chat mode.jpg
Video showroom

Show your products to customers live without visiting the store/exhibition center.

When shopping online the client pushes the Live Demo button and connects with an agent. The agent transfers the video call to a mobile device and uses its back camera to show the product live.

If a buyer is ready to place an order immediately, the sales guy switches the session to a PC and completes the purchase.

of customers need to see
the product with their own eyes

increase of
conversion rate

uplift of conversion vs. unassisted

To cart conversion

Visual customer support
Live visual support for customers
To show the issue details the client connects with a customer service rep and shares his mobile camera. The expert can see the issue and guide the customer towards a resolution by putting visual marks on the received image.

Video support for field service
When facing technically complex issue a field engineer makes a video call to a remote expert and shows the equipment using mobile camera. The expert highlights the equipment details to show an engineer the cause of the problem and help resolve it.

Average CSAT score

improved first time fix rate

reduced resolution time

increase of customer satisfaction

Video kiosks
Embed a video call option into your self service kiosks to assist your clients.
Live video for self service kiosks

You can embed RichCall into your existing self-service kiosks. When a kiosk user needs assistance, he/she simply pushes a “Live Help” button to video call a contact center.

For example you can equip your wayfinding or ticketing kiosks with a video call option to allow clients connect with the live expert.

Live video assistance

A live expert station in a store connects shoppers with remote experts who help configure a complex product and print the specification. The sales guy receiving the call also can see the kiosk screen to understand better the context of the customer issue.

RichCall-powered kiosk can be equipped with printer and scanner controlled remotely by an expert.

Video kiosks will help expand the geography of your company presence and reduce queues at sales offices during peak hours due to additional virtual service desks.

The functionality of the solution
Client experience
  • no downloads
  • ability to video call from a website or any application
  • desktop and mobile browsers supported
  • UI branding, built-in queue functionality
  • configurable pre-call questions to collect contact info
Client experience
Collaboration features
  • text chat
  • co-browsing
  • screen & app sharing
  • capturing pictures from the client’s video stream
  • annotation on photos and screenshots
Collaboration features
  • interaction recording
  • collaboration feature-set is configurable for different agent groups
  • role-based access management (admin/supervisor/agent)
  • storage encryption
Contact center-specific features
  • embedded queues
  • call routing
  • interaction recording
  • contextual data support
  • customer satisfaction metric supported (CSAT, NPS)
Contact center-specific features
Agent experience
  • webapp which may be optionally embedded into 3rd party software (contact center agent desktop or help desk software)
  • desktop (Windows/Linux) and mobile app
  • when interacting with the client an agent can switch between devices on the fly
  • agent statuses Ready/Not Ready
Agent experience
  • channel-based licensing model
  • unlimited agent accounts
  • unlimited widgets to embed into multiple websites
  • unlimited number of sessions
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Our clients
Here are our clients who transformed their customer service with RichCall. These success stories represent several strong use cases for live video in contact centers and we can tell you about other projects we implemented.
11880 Solutions AG
Belarusian Railway
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