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Optima Bank Video Banking

OAO Optima Bank is the number one bank in Kyrgyzstan, currently serving more than 330,000 clients, with more than 1,300 employees, in 58 branches, all over the country.
Optima Bank was among the first to introduce video calls for customer service and made this service absolutely free and available throughout the country. Online banking enables clients to solve urgent issues at a convenient time. This previously required a visit to the bank branch or confirmation of identity through the hotline. In 2022 several thousand customers used the new service and acknowledged its convenience.

The purpose of implementing the video identification project is to provide an opportunity for remote customer solutions to tasks that previously required a bank visit. Consequently, since February 2021, customers no longer need to be physically present to resolve user identification issues, for example, changing a cellphone number or registering a new online customer/service, etc.

We initially used one of the popular video call services for remote communication, but it was quite inconvenient for both customers and employees as it required the installation of a program and registration of an account. Moreover, the program was unavailable to download in some countries. Since February 2022, the Bank has implemented the Richcall software platform, which improved the service and excluded the aforementioned problems.

How It Works Now:
1. The client makes a video call to a company consultant via a computer or smartphone. A call link is sent to the client in advance.
2. The consultant asks the client to show their passport and verifies their identity.
3. During the video call, the client and consultant can interact with each other via the website or cellphone, so they can exchange documents, fill out the necessary forms, and do other activities.
4. Sessions are encrypted, and audio, video, and all session data are recorded on the company's server.
This approach makes it possible to conduct video identification of both new and current bank customers, which significantly reduces the time for resolving such issues offline. Video banking is a convenient alternative to visiting a bank branch, and it also provides round-the-clock remote access to the bank's specialists.

- 24/7 customer service: there is no more need to visit the branch, as most questions can be resolved at a time convenient for clients;
- Privacy and security: video and audio calls are automatically saved on the Bank's servers; modern protection and encryption methods are used;
- Integration in the Contact Center System: with call routing between specialists, the service is natively integrated into the bank operator's workflow;
- Call archive and analytics: for video call recording and search, supervisors may have partial/full control;
- No additional software is required: the customer clicks the link and starts the call;
- Free and fast way of communication for the client from anywhere in the world; all you need is access to the Internet;
- Quick and easy project launch.

Current Service Implementation Results:
- A convenient, fast, and free communication channel for customers worldwide;
- More than 3,000 clients have been serviced;
- Approximately 30 customer questions are resolved online daily.