Agent - Enterprise Directory on your PC and CTI-integration features
"PhoneUP Agent" user interface

PhoneUP Agent is a windows app that provides Caller ID feature and the access to the enterprise phone directory. It is also used for CTI integration with CRM and other 3rd party applications.

Caller ID and Contact Search

PhoneUP Agent saves time spent on contact search and call control.

Once PhoneUP Agent is installed on a user PC, the employee receives Caller ID Info containing, for example, contact details, photo, and any other info from the enterprise directory.

PhoneUP Agent also enhances the contact search process so a user can find the required contact and call him as quickly as possible.

CTI-integration with CRM and Other 3rd-Party Apps

PhoneUP Agent is used for CTI integration of Cisco IP telephony with third-party CRM to provide features like:

  • client identification and screen pop up,
  • click to dial with intelligent phone number normalization and DTMF support.

The feature-set

  • Caller ID Info on employee’s PC

    Caller ID Info, containing, for example, client name, city and contact person name is displayed on a user PC during either internal or external incoming calls. Especially useful for employees who use Cisco IP phones with small text displays.

  • Contact search

    "PhoneUP Agent" offers a number of functions for quick contact search in phone directories of "Directory" module: dynamic search by any attributes (fragment of last name, company name, etc.), 'favorite numbers', personal directory, and call history.

  • Presence status indication

    The presence status of an identified employee is displayed in search results – Ready, Busy and Absent.

    Note: presence status can be displayed only on devices registered with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

  • Personal directory and favorite phone numbers

    User can create personal directories and manage “favorite phone numbers”.

  • Call history

    Call history with extended contact information that indicates, for example, client name and city.

  • Call management

    Using "PhoneUP Agent" an employee can quickly organize a conference with several participants or transfer a call to his colleague.

  • Automatic change of presence indication and quick call to alternative phone number

    When a PC is locked the utility automatically changes the contact presence indication and offers an alternative number to contact the employee for quick connection.

  • Phone auto locking and configuring call transfer

    When an employee locks his PC, the "PhoneUP Agent" automatically locks his Cisco IP phone as well and all incoming calls are transferred to an alternative phone number (for example, employee mobile), that should be specified in the settings.

  • CTI integration

    The utility is used for CTI integration with third-party information systems. It provides API interface, used by software developers to program actions that are triggered by certain Cisco IP telephony events.