Universal Caller ID for CUCM - PhoneUP Directory
Universal Caller ID for Cisco UCM

With the “Universal Caller ID” extension configured, the Directory module supplements every call CUCM routes with the caller name extracted from the Directory phonebook.

Such Caller ID is supported by SIP-, H225- and intercluster- trunks and therefore the caller name is recognized by any IP phone and any IP PBX.

Caller ID for any IP phone

With “Universal Caller ID” extension all users will benefit from the Caller ID feature.

Cisco 3905 IP phones and even 3rd party SIP devices will display the name of the calling party, for example the name of a client extracted from the CRM database.

Caller ID for any IP PBX

If your communication network consists of several heterogeneous segments, you may configure CUCM to route calls between them and use the Directory module that adds the “Caller ID” header to any phone call.

This way the caller name will be displayed to the calling party even if both endpoints are non-Cisco devices.

PLEASE NOTE: Cisco UCM Enterprise version 10 and higher is required.