Aurus Outbound - Outbound Campaign Solution for Contact Center


Campaign Solution

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Customer Outbound Interactions

Aurus Outbound allows you to proactively contact your customers by phone, email and SMS. The solution helps your contact center staff to manage the full lifecycle of outbound customer interaction - from list selection to campaign monitoring.

The software is provided in several editions:

  • LITE – to deliver pre-recorded audio, email and SMS messages to your clients or employees,
  • UCCX – to extend your Cisco UCCX with powerful contact and list management tools,
  • FULL – to render agent-based (predictive and progressive) outbound campaigns using Aurus dialer.

Aurus Outbound User Interface

List and Contact Management

Outbound Campaign List Management

Built-in connectors provide the integration with any CRM software and other datasources. The structure of each contact list can be configured individually to contain any useful data imported from CRM. The phone numbers are normalized when importing.

"Aurus Outbound" provides your marketing managers with an easy to use interface to manage contact lists, filter contacts and assign priorities.

Campaign Strategy Management

Outbound Campaign Strategy Management

Use the advanced campaign management features to setup the campaign strategy - the number to be dialed first, how much attempts to perform, when to start trying the alternative numbers etc. If all attempts fail, you can configure the SMS message to be sent.

Once the campaign is set up, it can be started manually or by schedule. The campaign can also be triggered from CRM - for example, in the beginning of the business day the CRM app uploads the list of clients who's orders are ready, "Aurus Outbound" detects the new list and automatically starts the campaign to notify clients.

Dialing Modes

Aurus Outbound supports the following modes:

  • Voice Drop – to play the audio message; this includes TTS option to generate the messages on the fly using the data imported from CRM ("Your order No. 158 is completed"),
  • Power IVR – to play the audio message and connect the client to the IVR;
  • Progressive – the new outbound call to customer is placed only when an agent is available to handle the call; once the customer is reached it gets connected to an agent;
  • Predictive – gathers the campaign statistics and uses the predictive algorithm to place a new call when an agent is about to finish the current one;
  • SMS – integration with GSM-gateway is supported.


The real time campaign statistics is available in the secured web-interface.

Once the campaign is finished the report can be sent by email or uploaded to the network drive to be imported to CRM.