"Hotel" - New CUCM Tool Kit for Hotel Business

The “Hotel” module automates a number of hotel management business processes, provided the hotel is equipped with Cisco UC. This module is the integration link between Cisco IP telephony and the hotel management system (HMS).

Guest Greeting

At guest check-in Cisco IP phone starts displaying the greeting message with hotel logo and guests' name.

Call Restrictions

When registering a new guest in HMS a hotel receptionist selects the set of directions available for new guest to call. The module makes appropriate changes to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager settings, allowing calls to be made in authorized directions only. At guest check-out the system locks the room IP phone for all external calls.

Room Status Management

Hotel service personnel can use the Cisco IP phone to change the room status - "Cleaned", "Checked", "Ready", etc. New room status is automatically transferred to PMS.

Alarm Clock

Upon receiving a request from a guest, the receptionist sets the alarm clock in PMS. At the specified time the "Hotel" module makes a call to the guest's Cisco IP phone and plays back an audio file, "You have asked us to wake you up...".

Call History Cleanup

At guest check-out the call history of the IP phone in his room is automatically cleared.