Aurus U-Meet – Schedule and Control your Cisco TelePresence Meetings

Scheduling and Meeting Control Tool for Cisco TelePresence Environment

Aurus U-Meet improves the user experience of Cisco Telepresence solutions with handy scheduling and meeting control interfaces:

  • scheduling tools - allow any employee to book a conference with a simple and intuitive interface,
  • customizable booking workflow - helps your IT-staff to check and approve new conferences prior to their actual scheduling in Cisco Telepresence environment,
  • conference control interface - is available on the organizer's tablet or PC in one click,
  • resource management - capabilities are used to count and limit the number of audio/video and external connections.

Make Scheduling Easier

Web Calendar to Schedule Cisco TelePresence Meetings

Free your IT-engineers from the mundane tasks. Your employees will schedule Telepresence meetings on their own either in the personal web interface, or using the plug-in to MS Outlook.

The handy directory allows you to easily find:

  • employees (with their personal video endpoints, Cisco Jabber, desktop and mobile phones),
  • meeting rooms within at the selected location,
  • any external contacts to be invited to a conference.

Check Attendees and Rooms Availability to Choose the Meeting Time

See attendees and rooms availability when scheduling Cisco TelePresence meeting

If one of the conference rooms or attendees is busy, the system suggests you to change the time and choose another room at the same company site.

Use the Booking Workflow

Example of Cisco TelePresence meeting application

A new meeting created by an employee may require an approval from the IT-engineer in charge of the Telepresence environment.

In such case, the employee is suggested to fill out an interactive booking application form which is then submitted to the IT stuff. Once the request is approved the meeting gets scheduled on Cisco MCU.

The application form may be customized in accordance with the company regulations.

Control the Meeting

Using a tablet to control Cisco TelePresence meeting

The meeting organizer gets the URL of the conference control interface by email.

Just one click – and you can manage the conference activity with your PC or tablet:

  • add and disconnect participants,
  • control microphones and video cameras,
  • change the layout and delegate the control.

Manage Cisco TelePresence Resources

Increase the number of the conducted conferences due to intelligent resource allocation:

  • Cisco MCU - the max number of audio/video connections is being limited,
  • Cisco Expressway - the system doesn't allow the number of external attendees to exceed the specified max value.