Attendant Console for Cisco UCM - PhoneUP Console

The PhoneUP "Console" application provides the full range of call control functions that you use with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

Aternative for Cisco Attendant Console

The Console helps:

  • receptionists and contact center agents to significantly speed up processing incoming calls and distributing them among the company employees;
  • attendants and assistants to manage executive's communications;
  • top-managers and others to reduce the time spent on contact search and call control.

Fast Contact Search and Caller ID

The Console app uses the PhoneUP Directory module as a contact source so you get a comprehensive and always up to date enterprise directory. Personal directories, the call history and frequently used contacts panel make the contact search even faster. The presence info lets you know whether an employee is available.

Any incoming call comes with contact info:

  • employee name and position, department and photo,
  • client name, city and contract status,
  • partner name, country and contact.

Any Call Control Function - In a Single Mouse Action

Manage your calls easily:

  • click to call, answer, put on hold, etc;
  • drag-n-drop to transfer the call, create an adhoc conference and add new meeting participants.

Send Messages and Notifications

Notification on the Cisco IP phone

Notify employees about the missed calls, visitors waiting, and so on. Use the Console interface to send:

  • alerts to Cisco IP phones,
  • SMS,
  • email messages.

Assistant Features

An assistant is able to view the status of executive's phone lines to know who he is talking to and who is in conference with him. If the boss is away, the assistant will see the details of any incoming calls to the boss to be able to intercept the important ones.

Having organized the conference for the executive, the assistant may disconnect, but still view the meeting participants and add new ones by request.

The "monitored transfer" feature allows an assistant to transfer the call to the mobile phone and still be able to monitor it.


  • Contact management

    • importing contacts from AD, LDAP, IBM Lotus Notes, CSV, XML, CUCM, SQL DBMS,
    • flexible field mapping when importing contacts,
    • scheduled synchronization with contact datasources,
    • automatic phone number normalization,
    • filtering contacts during the import.

  • Multiple phonebooks

    • global and personal phonebooks
    • customizable phonebook structure
    • access to phonebooks is configurable for users and groups
    • DTMF support

  • Contact search

    • dynamic search
    • customizable search type for each phonebook field
    • presence indication
    • filtering contacts
    • manual contact sorting with drag-n-drop feature
    • favourite contacts
    • call history

  • Call control

    • intuitive drag-n-drop interface
    • placing/receiving calls
    • hold/unhold
    • blind and consultative transfer
    • ad hoc conferences
    • phone lines monitoring
    • call interception
    • monitored call transfer

  • Messaging

    • alerts to Cisco IP phones,
    • SMS notifications,
    • email messages.