Video Call and Video Chat for Cisco UCCX/UCCE with Cisco Finesse/CAD Integration

RichCall - video chat and live support for contact centers Aurus RichCall adds the Live Video Assistance option to your Cisco UCCX/UCCE contact center.

Client's features:
  • video chat from the website:
    • using the device's mic and speakerphone,
    • or using the mobile phone for audio,
  • switching any phone-initiated support call to video chat,
  • IVR visualization and IVR bypass feature,
  • web-collaboration,
  • desktop and mobile browsers support (WebRTC/Adobe Flash).
Agent's experience:
  • integration with Cisco Finesse and Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD),
  • single sign-on.

Supervisors benefit from the integration with Cisco UCCX/UCCE:
  • the same agents and skill-groups,
  • the same routing rules and queues,
  • the same reporting apps and recording software.

Deliver a Better Customer Experience with Web-Collaboration Features

RichCall video call
The video chat powered by RichCall provides:

  • dual video – be default the client sees the agent but not the other way around;
  • text chat – for sending text, photos and documents;
  • co-browsing – enable the agent and the customer to work with your website together;
  • application sharing – share web-browser, documents, desktop applications and any other software;
  • the "pointer" feature – client shares an application and the agent, by monitoring client actions, guides him with the pointer what buttons and links should be clicked;
  • snap shot with annotation – take a snapshot and make pen/marker annotations to identify items of interest,
  • interaction history – the history is available to customer even after the video chat is finished.

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Make Live Video Chat Available in Any Stage of Customer Interaction

The client is surfing your website and needs live assistance?

  • Click to video chat
    With just one click your website visitor will be connected with an agent of the proper skill-group bypassing the IVR.
  • Video call without a headset
    The client can enter his mobile number and RichCall will call him back connecting with the right agent. Video and web-collaboration session starts automatically in the client's browser.

The client has made a regular phone call to the contact center but the agent fails to resolve the issue by voice?

  • Add video chat to any phone-initiated customer support call
    The client opens your website and enters the 5-digits code provided by the agent to start the online session with video and web-collaboration features.

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Integrate with Cisco UCCX and Cisco UCCE Easily

RichCall integrates with UCCX
The product seamlessly integrates with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise platforms:

  • the client doesn't need to go through the IVR menu – RichCall puts his video call in the right queue depending on the subject chosen or the webpage from which the call was made;
  • integration with Cisco Finesse and Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) – including the single sign-on feature;
  • no changes in contact center routing rules – a video call follows the same routes and the same queues as a regular phone call;
  • HRC and Unified IC reporting – any video call is reflected in Cisco Unified CCX Historical Reports and Cisco Unified Intelligence Center reporting applications.
  • interaction recording – the audio is recorded by the call recording software you already use, video and web-collaboration actions are logged.

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Support Desktop and Mobile Browsers

RichCall mobile

RichCall supports both Adobe Flash and WebRTC technologies. Depending on the customer's browser it automatically detects which one to use.

No customer downloads are needed to start a video chat.

Customize the Client's Interface

The client's UI can be redesigned accoring to your brandbook. Put your own logo and customize the fonts and buttons appearance.

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