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SBC is more than just SIPREC for a call recording system

SBC is more than just SIPREC for a call recording system

SIPREC is definitely one of the most used approaches to record voice/video calls.  SIPREC-enabled SBC integrated with a call recording software is a robust way to record calls independent of PBX used.

But there are lots of other features of modern SBC which can be used by a call recording solution and below we sharing those which are interested for our customers here at Aurus.

1.    Recording notification.
The mandatory requirement for a contact center is to notify clients about call recording. Typically it is solved by IVR which plays “Your call will be recorded” prior to routing the call to an available agent. But it is often required this announcement to be a part of the call and therefore to be recorded. This can’t be done with a call recording software but it can be implemented on the SBC level which is designed to work with media streams and can easily embed the announcement into the call itself.

2.    Filtering the calls to be recorded.
SBC allows you to configure which calls are to be recorded. For example, you might want to record calls from a specific SIP-trunk.

3.    Encrypted calls support.
In today’s world where lots of employees work remotely the communications are encrypted. But still the calls should be recorded. Though lots of call recording software support SRTP recording, it is quite a straightforward approach to decrypt calls on SBC before forking media to a call recording solution.

4.    Call recording solution can be deployed on an SBC appliance.
Some SBC appliances provide an embedded server for a 3rd party software deployment. And in that case the media capturing component of a call recording solution can be collocated with SBC. This can be useful for small remote offices which don’t have their own server infrastructure. All calls of a remote office can be recorded by SBC itself with call recording component onboard. The “media lifecycle” feature  of a call recording software transfers recordings from SBC to the main storage on schedule.

5.    Meta data.
An SBC can provide extra meta data about the call to a call recording solution, such us SIP trunk, call direction, DTMF, User-to-User info, SIP-events and so on. This is applicable for both compliance recording and contact center quality management business cases.
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