Advanced meeting scheduler

for Cisco Meeting Server

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Schedule easily

Use your enterprise calendar* to schedule CMS meetings, invite participants and book meeting rooms.

* MS Outlook is currently supported, ask us for the support of other calendars

Invite securely

The standard invitation will be appended with the instructions on how to join.

Each meeting is assigned a unique addresses and numbers which cannot be used to join another conferences.

Choose the endpoint to join with

You may select the endpoint to call you on when the meeting starts. When answered, you will be joined to the conference automatically.

More than just scheduler

Ad-hoc Meetings

Start ad-hoc conferences with just a push of a button on your Cisco IP Phone or Cisco Jabber.

Every phone/endpoint of the predefined group will be dialed and joined to the meeting.


Monitor CMS usage and identify improvements proactively.

A set of reports will show you how the system is used and how many meetings are planned.

Custom fields

Configure custom fields to be filled in when scheduling a meeting.

Use these fields in reports to understand better how people are using the system.


Use CMS+ API to integrate the 3rd party enterprise software into the scheduling process.