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Advanced meeting scheduler

for Cisco Meeting Server

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Schedule easy

CMS+ provides multiple options to schedule CMS meetings:

✓MS Outlook Add-In – embed the “New CMS Meeting” in your MS Outlook ribbon and use Outlook calendar to schedule,

✓MS Exchange – just type @cms in the location field to trigger CMS+ schedule a CMS meeting,

✓Personal web-calendar – schedule in your personal web-calendar synchronized with MS Exchange*,

✓Ad-hoc meeting templates – configure the meeting template with pre-defined participants and start it with a push of a button on the web-portal or on your Cisco IP phone.


Connect people and rooms quickly

How long does it take to get everybody connected and start a video meeting?
CMS+ saves this time:


✓Blast dialing – use to dial all the attendees at the meeting start and connect them

✓OBTP – integrate with Cisco and Poly endpoints to push OBTP and connect easily

✓Personal dial-out settings – choose the endpoint to call you on when the meeting starts

✓“Find me” option – have CMS+ try to catch you on several phone numbers and connect to a meeting

And even more

✓ External meetings support (soon) – use OBTP to connect to external meetings,

✓ Categorize your meetings – configure custom attributes to learn better how CMS is used,

✓ CMS+ API – integrate scheduling into 3rd party software.