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PhoneUP 5.2: new release 2024

Today we're announcing PhoneUP 5.2 with a brand new Quality Management module.
PhoneUP 5.2 major features:

1. Quality Management module:
  • Configurable questionnaires
  • Review scheduler
  • Agent evaluation
  • QM reporting
2. Сonnector for Avaya Aura to enrich call recordings with metadata including agent ID and queue ID
3. Integration with Audiocodes SBC

The next huge thing we’re going to introduce this year is the speech analytics module which transcribes voice calls and marks recordings with speech tags. Finally we're extending PhoneUP interoperability list and in the next few weeks we will announce several new SBC vendors we partner with. Subscribe to stay tuned.

And now we’re inviting you to schedule a live demo of PhoneUP 5.2 - https://calendly.com/aurus5/
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