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Major release PhoneUP 5.0 and Richcall: new features & integrations

The new version of PhoneUP 5.0 offers major updates to Call Recording for any PBX with SPAN.

The new version of PhoneUP 5.0 offers major updates to Call recording:

  • Platform: supported OS - Ubuntu, RedOS, Astra Linux, CentOS, Red Hat, Alt Linux. DB - PostgreSQL
  • Deployment: technology - Docker, failover - cluster Docker Swarm mode, support for geographically dispersed installation with multiple registrars/repositories
  • Recording methods: Cisco - BiB, SPAN/RSPAN, importing records from third-party systems
  • Supported codecs: G.711 a-law/mu-law, G.729, G.722, G.722.1, Opus, iLBS
  • Tested PBXs: Cisco UCM, CUCM Express, Avaya Aura (SPAN) and any PBX with SPAN
  • Users and Roles: integration with AD (no SSO), role constructor, access control to records at the operation level
  • Recording settings: on recorder level and specific for user, WAV/MP3 support, recording rules, mono or stereo, minimum length of a conversation to record
  • Grouping record segments: hold, transfer, etc.
  • Searching and sorting recording
  • Playing Recordings: simple player for fast listening, advanced player (wave form, sound balancing, speed control etc)
  • Logging user actions: log files, no special report
  • Lifecycle of media data
  • System Usage Reports

The new version of Richcall offers:

  • New business logic implemented based on queues
  • Queue parameters are fully configurable depending on the use case
  • Embedding RichCall widget into a website, kiosk and mobile app became easier
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