Aurus RichCall 2.3 supports secure co-browsing sessions

The new release of Aurus RichCall software supports the "co-browsing" option, that allows the contact center agent to see the client's browser and navigate him thourgh the website and any online tool.

Co-browsing in a contact center

When developing the "co-browsing" feature we implemented most of our client requirements, which are:

  • No downloads.
  • Secure co-browsing session.
  • Client controls the action.
  • The "pointer".
  • Secure pages support.
  • Starting a co-browsing session by code.
  • Mobile browsers support.

To learn more - read the "Co-browsing in the contact center - the details matter" post in our blog.

To try it - use the yellow "Live Video Chat" widget at the bottom of the page.

To ask questions about RichCall - contact us.

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