Meeting Streaming - the new module of Aurus CMS+ suite

Meeting Streaming - the new module of Aurus CMS+ suite

The summer release of Aurus CMS+ suite extends its feature set with several fantastic capabilities.

Live Meeting Streaming module

With the new Aurus CMS+ 1.7 we introduce the Live Meeting Streaming module, allowing CMS users to stream meetings to mass audiences distributed by several sites.

With the new Streaming module Aurus CMS+ becomes the only software in the market that combines Advanced Scheduling, Live Streaming, Conference Control and Recordings Portal in a single bundle.

Clustering and Linux deployment

Starting from v1.7 CMS+ supports cluster deployment for HA on Linux servers.

Endpoint snapshots in the conference control tool

The conference control module allows operator to fetch live snapshots from Cisco endpoints.

Other new features of CMS+ 1.7

1. HTML formatting of the email templates - the meeting invitation template supports HTML formatting which allows you to use links and customize text styles.

2. Scheduling from MS Outlook calendar ribbon - now you can start scheduling an ordinary Outlook meeting and convert it to CMS meeting on the fly.

3. Configurable time zone in the email templates - the time zone and date/time format are customizable in the email templates.

4. Multi column sorting - the user interface supports multi column sorting and personal paging settings.

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