Record Cisco UCM calls with new PhoneUP 4.15

Record Cisco UCM calls with new PhoneUP 4.15

The new version of PhoneUP Call and Screen Recording 4.15 offers major updates to voice recording for Cisco Collaboration environment:


  • PhoneUP x86 is announced end of sale; only x64 architecture is supported starting from PhoneUP 4.15;
  • Oracle JRE is replaced with AdoptOpenJDK 8;
  • Log4j is replaced with Apache Log4j 2 which allows to change the log level without restarting PhoneUP components;
  • PhoneUP is supplemented with Log Collector script to facilitate the process of collecting logs and improve the tech support


  • Media life cycle engine is improved with monitoring features
  • Phone number masking is supported for groups of users
  • G722.1 support
  • iLBC support

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