The FREE PhoneUP promo offering is improved and prolonged

More than 300 enterprises across the globe deployed the free PhoneUP promo-bundle in 2018 and we’re still enjoying thankful feedback from them.

So, not only have we decided to prolong the promo offering but we’ve also improved it.

Now if you're a user of Cisco UCM you’re welcome to request the PhoneUP promo bundle:

  • enterprise directory and caller ID – 5 seats,
  • call recording – 3 seats,
  • attendant console (NEW) – 1 user,
  • text and audio paging – 5 IP phones,
  • PIN protected audio meetings – 3 ports,
  • phone lock – 5 seats,
  • extension mobility SSO – 5 seats,
  • call monitoring and whisper – 5 users,
  • XML-services designer – 5 IP phones.

In addition we provide free tech support for 2 months to assist you in the deployment.

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