Schedule CUCM meetings, protect with PIN, use dial-out and recording - PhoneUP Conference

PhoneUP Conference
Advanced conferencing for Cisco UCM

schedule with MS Outlook and web

protect meetings with PIN and Caller ID

use dial-out to add attendees automatically

Schedule and protect

PIN seсured meetings

Use MS Outlook Add-In or personal web-calendar to schedule PIN-protected meetings.

Each attendee will receive an invitation with instructions on how to join. Unique PIN will secure your conference.

Protection by Caller ID (ANI)

For regular meetings with your team create secure dedicated rooms protected by Caller ID.

Only phone numbers you configure will be able to join such a room.

Conference control

Use PhoneUP Console to control your conference:

  • see who's joined,
  • add more parties with a single drag-n-drop,
  • disconnect any participant.

And more...


Instead of having everyone remember to dial in, PhoneUP Conference dials everyone into the conference automatically.

Meeting recording

Record your meetings with PhoneUP Record, configuring total or on-demand recording.