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Customize your Cisco IP phone

build your own apps for Cisco phones

integrate with video cameras

customize IP phone background in bulk

XML-service designer

Your IP phone is an always-on small PC with color display.
Why not use it?

With PhoneUP Inform you can design your own apps for Cisco IP phones:
1) configure the data source (CSV, SQL Database or XML) and define the update schedule;
2) build an app and select IP phones to access it.

Here is what you can have on your IP phone with just a push of a button:

Integration with IP cameras

The streaming video is not supported on Cisco IP phones.

But you can configure your phone to display a snapshot from an IP video camera and update it every 3 seconds.

Changing IP phone background

With PhoneUP Inform you can create groups of Cisco IP phones and customize their background in bulk.

The feature is in the roadmap.