Text and Live Audio Paging for CUCM - PhoneUP Paging

The “Paging” module allows you to send text and audio messages to the groups of Cisco IP phones. The module may be integrated with Aurus Outbound to reach employees on their mobile phones.

Live Audio Paging

You can broadcast emergency audio-messages in the real-time mode through Cisco IP phones.

Just push a button on any IP phone, enter the PIN code to authorize and start speaking - the pre-defined group of IP phones will activate their spakerphones and start playing your voice with the max volume.

Text Messages and Pre-recorded Audio Notifications

The Paging module allows you to send text and pre-recorded audio messages. You don't need any additional software to record the audio message - just use your IP phone.

Each IP phone receiving the message will play the "beep" signal and show the content on its display. The audio part of the message may be played immediately or require the user to push a "Listen" button.

You can schedule the delivery and create repetitive messages.

Delivery to Mobile Phones

The Paging module supports the integration with Aurus Outbound solution to deliver text and audio to mobile phones.

The message may be configured to use the outbound software to reach those employees who haven't confirmed the receipt on their Cisco IP phones.

The audio messages will be delivered using the pre-configured "Voice Drop" outbound campaign. Text messages are sent as SMS through SMS gateway.

Acknowledgment Receipt

You can configure the message to require each employee to confirm the acknowledgment by pressing the button on the IP phones or entering PIN/DTMF code.

You can even require employee to confirm the receipt by voice which is recorded and stored.

Delivery Report

The detailed info about the message delivery and acknowledgment is sent to the originator by email and available in the web-interface.

Business Cases

  • emergency announcements,
  • notifications about upcoming events for employees,
  • notifications about audio/video-conferences for attendees,
  • notifications for security personnel about events in security systems.

Main Features: