LinkedIn as a Global Directory for Skype?

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LinkedIn as a Global Directory for Skype?

Satya Nadella and Jeff Weiner on Microsoft Acquiring LinkedIn Satya Nadella and Jeff Weiner on Microsoft Acquiring LinkedIn

The LinkedIn acquisition by Microsoft opens up the endless possibilities for speculations for the IT world including collaboration experts and I can't stop myself from sharing my thoughts.

LinkedIn – over 430 million accounts (see more facts below).

Skype – over 300 million of active users (see more facts below).

Just imagine that each LinkedIn account is matched to a Skype user. Its gonna be the whole new collaboration universe for professional with LinkedIn as a global directory for Skype and Skype as a collaboration tool for LinkedIn members.

You’ll be able to share your presence status to your network. LinkedIn messaging will be substituted by Skype chat, which can be escalated to video call, and then to conference call.

You will have the ability to make impromptu calls to your network and even to those you’re not connected to (of course after the approval of some sort). For example… a service team rep may send a call request to the client who has posted a complaining message in the LinkedIn group, a recruiter may call the candidate he is interested in, and so on.

Some features will be available for all, another one will likely be part of the paid Premium offering as one of the ways to monetize the acquisition.

LinkedIn facts:

  • 433,000,000+ registered members;
  • Over 200 countries and territories;
  • Revenue: $2.99 billion;
  • Net income: $166 million;
  • LinkedIn Common Stock: $190.80 (June 20, 2016);
  • Employees: 9,732 (March 2016);
  • Founded: December 14, 2002; 13 years ago;
  • Headquarters: Mountain View, California, U.S.

Skype facts:

  • Active users: 300,000,000+;
  • Initial release: 29 August 2003; 12 years ago;
  • Type: Videoconferencing, VoIP and Instant messaging;
  • Available in 38 languages.