... as well as Web Admin service. We have also connected Call Bridge to XMPP and performed the Web Bridge configuration. In the last part of the article, we’ll finish discussing the details of CMS clustered deployment and configuration. Part 1 - Cisco Meeting Server Cluster: Scalability and Resilience deployment with meeting recording Part 2 - Cisco Meeting Server Cluster: Scalability and Resilience deployment with meeting recording Irina Pustogacheva
18.05.2020 15:03:47
... external clients using Cisco Meeting App or SIP devices. It won’t be used in our scenario. Web Admin: administration interface and API access (for Unified CM special conferences as well). Configuration Approaches Unlike most Cisco products, Cisco Meeting Server supports 3 configuration approaches, allowing you to perform any deployment type: Command line interface (CLI), also known as MMP, can be used for initial configuration and certificate management. Web admin: mostly for Call ...
10.12.2019 14:31:32
This post is to list some of the gaps of Cisco Meeting Server highlighted by our customers migrating from Cisco TelePresence Server to Meeting Server and partners who deploy Cisco videoconferencing solutions.  1) UI to configure users and spacesAs you know most of the configuration options ...
22.08.2019 10:51:29
....com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/conferencing/ciscoMeetingServer/Deployment_Guide/Version-2-5/Cisco-Meeting-Server-2-4-and-later-Deployments-with-CUCM.pdf cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/conferencing/ciscoMeetingServer/Reference_Guides/Version-2-4/Cisco-Meeting-Server-MMP-Command-Reference-2-4.pdf Read more: Part 1 - Integration of Cisco Meeting Server with CUCM 11 Part 2 - Integration of Cisco Meeting Server with CUCM 11 Irina Pustogacheva
05.08.2019 15:50:55
... Any call routed to CMS will have a verified alias. The rules in call matching table determine where CMS will look for potential matches. Each rule can be set to match any combination of users, IVR or MicrosoftSkype / Lync. To handle incoming calls, Cisco Meeting Server tries to match the value after "@" sign with the values in “domain name” column. Outbound Call Handling Configuration Proceed to Configuration > Outbound calls. Domain name: leave empty (to match all ...
23.07.2019 17:12:41
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 The first part covers network settings, CMS License and Certificates, Call Bridge, Web admin, XMPP, Web Bridge. This article is about CMS (Cisco Meeting Server) and its integration with CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager). Suppose that CMS and CUCM have already been deployed on virtual machines.Before the configuration, make the following preparations: Create a DNS record for ...
19.07.2019 12:05:45
... communicator, my love, reaches its end of life And even more... The end-of-sale and end-of-life dates are announced for Cisco IP Communicator. 5. Is Cisco Meeting App next? Now rumors are that Cisco Meeting App which is the software endpoint for Cisco Meeting Server is also going away soon. If this is really going to happen, guess what will the replacement be? Irina Pustogacheva
25.06.2019 15:57:00
On S4B front-end server, configure a trusted application and routing. Execute the following commands in PowerShell: New-CsTrustedApplicationPool -Identity cms.vc.domain.com -ComputerFqdn cms.vc.domain.com -Registrar S4BFE.domain.com -Site 2 -RequiresReplication $false -ThrottleAsServer $true -TreatAsAuthenticated $true New-CsTrustedApplication -Applicationid cms -TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn cms.vc.domain.com -Port 5061 New-CsStaticRoutingConfiguration -Identity "Service:Registrar:S4BFE...
05.12.2018 12:52:12

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