The very first release of Aurus CMS+ is available for testing

A start has been made! The very first Aurus CMS+ v1.2 is available!

We started Aurus CMS+ project late 2018 after several months of discussion its roadmap with Cisco Collaboration professionals. The new software empowers the Cisco Meeting Server platform with a pool of new features not available nativlely:

  • advanced meetings scheduler,
  • monitoring and reporting tools,
  • meeting streaming server,
  • user and space profiler,
  • meeting recordings portal,
  • conference control app.

Your can already request a demo of Aurus CMS+ v1.2 which provides the advanced meeting scheduler for Cisco Meeting Server featuring:

  • integration with MS Outlook and any other calendar (by request),
  • automatic dial-out to participants,
  • adhoc-meetings you can start with push of a button,
  • API to integrate with 3rd party apps,
  • dedicated spaces for meetings,
  • custom fields,
  • basic reporting.

And this is only the beginning. We invest lots of R&D efforts is CMS+ and the new versions will be coming regularly. Keep watching!

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