Contact Center Screen Recording is the new feature of Aurus PhoneUP app bundle for Cisco UCM

This year’s summer is rich with the releases of contact-center-oriented Aurus solutions:

Recorded Video

The screen recording function is developed for those who use the "PhoneUP Record" app in a contact center. When enabled, it captures the agent screen from the beginning of each call until the end of the post-call work time (wrap-up time).

The secured web-interface allows supervisor to search the recorded calls by date/time, agent name and even the client name.

The web-based media-player plays the synchronized voice and screen activity which provides the total visibility of the agent interaction and allows you to evaluate the agent skills and performance.

The screen capturing feature is optional and requires additional licenses – per number of simultaneously recorded video-streams (channel-based).

Contact your Aurus manager to get the demo and learn about the pricing. If you're not our partner yet, you're welcome to become one.

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