PhoneUP Priority

Silent monitoring and whisper coaching for CUCM

does not require Cisco UCCX/UCCE

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Live monitoring
and coaching

Configure user access levels

View the calls of your team

and whisper

Configure teams and supervisors to define the access level.

Use PhoneUP Console to view the calls of your team in real time with client names fetched from CRM.

Listen to the selected call and push Whisper to speak to the agent without customer hearing.

When monitoring the call the supervisor can record it for further evaluation and coaching (PhoneUP Record module is required).

In addition to silent monitoring and whispering Priority offers:

  • Barge option – to be added to the call you're monitoring,
  • Forced connection – to connect with a busy line forcibly putting the current call on hold.

Premises audio

An easy way to enhance your security with zero investment in hardware - turn your Cisco IP telephony into the network of microphones and monitor premises remotely.

With PhoneUP Priority you can activate the speakerphone of any Cisco IP phone remotely and listen to what happens in a room. A simple on-demand function allows you to record the audio receiving.